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Guatemalan Independence Day Game Jam 2016

The themes were "Keep it Alive" and "Controlling many." The teams were able to choose both themes or just one.

We created Help Jerry escape! The game is about telling Jerry (the mouse) instructions so he can escape a room which has cats. (The cats want to eat Jerry.)


You need to tell Jerry which movements to do to get out of the room and escape from the cats!

Reach the exit of the room without falling in the claws of the cats. Watch out for your energy, you may need some cheese to be able to reach the exit!


Choose a type of direction with the 1 - 4 number keys. The type of direction that is currently selected is shown in the upper left corner. Place an instruction on the map by clicking anywhere on the map. Each level has a limited amount of instructions you can tell Jerry. When you are done placing instructions, press the space bar and Jerry will start moving. (Jerry always starts moving upwards.) In order for Jerry to follow your instructions, you just place the instructions correctly so Jerry walks on on them.

We are going to continue developing Help Jerry escape!

Install instructions

Download Jerry.zip and extract the contents wherever you want. (Both files must be on the same folder.) Double click on Jerry.exe to play!


Jerry.zip 14 MB


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Buen trabajo chicos. El juego funciona muy bien y muy bonito el arte y las animaciones :D

@alhvi Muchas gracias! igualmente, buen trabajo a ti!